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Marsh Tours at
The Pinecone Forest

The Pinecone Forest Nature Sanctuary is an eco-friendly retreat where individuals, families and groups can experience nature in a majestic forest setting. Located on the York River and Conroys Marsh, the scenery and wildlife are spectacular year round.

Marsh tours are by canoe and kayak and typically take from 3-4 hours for the shorter tour, or 5-6 hours for the longer tour. If you can't find the nature experience you're looking for below, give us a call—a package to suit your individual needs and travel plans will be designed specifically for you.


Hopping a beaver dam on Conroys Marsh
Traversing a beaver dam on Conroys Marsh

Taking a break at the sandbanks
on Conroys Marsh

Conroys Marsh, in the heart of the Madawaska Valley, is a nature lover’s paradise awaiting discovery. This 2,400 hectare wetland lies at the confluence of the York, Little Mississippi and Madawaska Rivers about an hour's drive south-east of Algonquin Park. The entire marsh complex with its bogs, fens, shallow lakes and watercourses is designated an Area of National and Scientific Interest (ANSI), and has recently been designated a conservation reserve under "Ontario's Living Legacy” initiative.

For the wildlife-viewer, the Marsh is host to a wide range of aquatic and shoreline plants, blue heron, American bittern, bald eagle, osprey, kingfishers, turtles, muskrat, beaver, deer and even the occasional sighting of moose. From season to season, and from year to year, the Marsh is in constant flux—creating a lure that no nature enthusiast can ignore.

(4-6 hours)
Tailored for folks who are already staying in the area and are looking for a nature adventure on Conroys Marsh and the York River. Canoes and equipment supplied.

Starting at $150 for a 4-6 hour tour

Discounts for guests who supply their own canoes and kayaks. Please bring your own snacks, lunch, sunscreen, hat etc.

(2 nights)
Tailored for small groups, nature clubs and organizations who enjoy exploring the natural environment and seek a special retreat in the wilds without big compromises on comfort. Personal tentsites, use of chalet with screened verandah, group campfire and complete access to the Pinecone Forest. Eco-retreats can be facilitated throughout the summer and features a guided canoe/kayak excursion on Conroys Marsh/York River.
$169.00 per person.
$279.00 per couple.
(minimum 6 people)
Discounts for guests who bring their own canoes and kayaks.


Call ahead for reservations at 613-332-3651.

As a nature sanctuary, fishing, hunting, motorboats, ATVs, snowmobiles and pets are not permitted. Although we cannot control what happens outside The Pinecone Forest, we offer peace and tranquility for all our guests and the forest creatures within our boundaries.

691 Pinecrest Road, Boulter ON K0L 1G0, Canada • 613-332-3651

Reach us at Pinecone or write The Pinecone Forest, 691 Pinecrest Road, Boulter ON K0L 1G0, Canada • Phone: 613-332-3651
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