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Established 1989

2015 Advertising Rate Card: No. 27
Effective January 2015

Note: After 25 years of continuous publication, The Country Connection Magazine has been retired, however, this website will continue to provide archived stories and other information including events, gallery listings, and the studio tours of Ontario and western Quebec.

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Country Market Classifieds
$25 minimum for up to 40 words,
additional words $1.00 each.
To advertise go to the Classified Ratecard

Special Events Directory
including exhibitions, shows, theatre, festivals, and winter/spring studio tours. To advertise a studio tour on this website, go to the Studio Tour Directory rates below. $25 for basic listing–includes 50-75 word description.
To advertise in the Events Directory,
go to the application.

Gallery Directory
including community galleries and artist's studios
$25 for basic listing–includes 50 word description.
To advertise in the Gallery and Studio Directory,
go to the application.

Studio Tour Directory

$50 for basic listing–includes 50-75 word description.
To advertise your studio tour, go to the application.


Text may be submitted by email or attached Word document. Images should be sent at 72 dpi resolution. We can accept most formats including, JPG files in RGB format, TIF and PDF files. Higher resolution images will be reformatted to suit the web.

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