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Country Connection 65 NO.65, WINTER/SPRING 2013
Ontario's "Great Houses": Annandale House (Tilsonburg), Castle Kilbride (Baden), Fulford Place (Brockville); Whispers from the Past; On the Trail; A Glimpse of Old Beckwith; On Olden Pond; Vote for the Loon; Lynx; Timeless "Cedarena"; Brewing and Using Homemade Vinegars, It's a Man Thing
Country Connection 64 NO.64, SUMMER/AUTUMN 2012
RMS Segwun; School On Wheels 15089 and Its Dedicated Teacher; Quilting the Landscape: The War of 1812 Remembered; McFarland House; Arts 2012, HRH The White Faerie Princess: A Memoir; The Search for Kurelek’s Bomb Shelter; The Life and Art of William Kurelek; Growing Old: It Ain't for Sissies; Beacons of the Bruce Coast; Grey Hair, Cataracts and...Motorcycles; The Dirt on Dirt: Dumping Soil on to “Protected” Watersheds
 Country Connection 63 NO.63, WINTER/SPRING 2012
LaCloche’s Artistic Legacy: A.Y. Jackson, Franklin Carmichael and Dr. Frederick Banting; Oil Heritage Springs to Life in the Heart of Ontario; Memoir She Wrote; First Nations’ Gift, Pioneer and Present-Day Ingenuity: Ontario’s Maple Syrup Industry; Sealing Our Legacy; Lewisham; Jackson’s Point; Bats in My Belfry; The Lost Water Temple of the Algonquins; Flours for Yeast Breads
Country Connection 62 NO.62, SUMMER/AUTUMN 2011
The Madawaska River; Which is the Real Robin?; Scene of the Crime: Wolfe Island; Ghostly Indian-pipe; Arden; Arts 2011; Cookbooks; Squirrel, Raven, Raccoon or Pack Rat?; Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits; The Heart of the Foster; Bala Bay Inn; Porch Bingo; Living Legacy: The National Capital Greenbelt
Country Connection 61 NO.61, WINTER/SPRING 2011
Antique Apples; What’s in a Word; Birds’ Nests: More than a Bowl; Tales from the Time House; Seaway Robbery; The Brockville & Westport Railway; Lassy Buns; Camp X; Just a Country Boy: The Story of Rev. Dr. James Fowler; Miracle or Menace?; Martyrs of the 1837 Rebellion; Clovelly: The Beautiful and the Rugged; Momento Mori: Exploring Victorian Graveyards; Why Brick in Southern Ontario; Bestsellers of Yesteryear
Country Connection 60 NO.60, SUMMER/AUTUMN 2010
Monumental achievements: A tribute to Walter S. Allward; A Scotsdale dawn; Gambling with the new gold; Truth—Beauty—Spirit; Arts 2010; The lone pine’s story; Bones of the earth; The art of history...repeating itself: Williams Design Studio; Maberly: A green revival; Pandora’s box; A day in the marsh; Memories of the old vegetable stand; The story of Eldorado:History brought to life; Where the wild things are
Country Connection 59 NO.59, WINTER/SPRING 2010
Marilyn Monroe’s Ontario legacy; Sunnyside–More than just a pretty face; Killaloe–The hamlet that cloned itself; Wild garlic caution; Huronia’s five hundred years of history; The Muskoka Colonization Road; There’s something about the wood; Tree love; Mildred Rutledge–Painter of the Gatineau; Will Ontario be the leader of the pack?; Chef Deb’s kitchen; Sunchoke–Edibel perennials; Super healthy squash–The prettiest plant in the garden
Country Connection 58 NO.58, SUMMER/AUTUMN 2009
Patent Pending: A legacy of luxury on the rails; Old-time radial trains; The Cerswell legacy; Haliburton Highlands Water Trails; Requiem for a paddleboat; Kawartha Highlands: Wilderness for future generations or an ecological disaster?; Arts 2009; The AY Jackson Trail; Heritage keepers; Grapevines in Loyalist roots: History, heritage, and hospitality on Prince Edward County’s Taste Trail; Kayak attack; The versatile chickpea: A vegan delight
Country Connection 57 NO.57, WINTER/SPRING 2009
Shiver me timbers; Osceola: Unrealised ambitions; Parr’s prohecy: 21st century meets 19th century; Front porch nostalgia; Aging barns conjure up childhood memories; A rose by any other name; “Where it all began”—the Dionne Quintuplets; Winter Wheat; Rural roots; Eastern meadowlark; Ont
Country Connection 56 NO.56, SUMMER/AUTUMN 2008
Kashuby i Kaszuby; A cottage quilt; Kerr Lake; Exploring the Nipissing Road; Merritt’s Ditch; Engulfed by progress on the St. Lawrence; Eganville; Starry, starry nights: the drive-in movie theatre turns 75; All nature’s creatures; Arts 2008 (including the studio tours, event and artists’ listings); The great blue heron; If nature had a soundtrack; Moving; Lichens of Ontario; From landed immigrant to proud Canadian; Island paradise; Campfire tails; Mouthwatering chanterelles; A storybook cottage
Country Connection 55 NO.55, WINTER/SPRING 2008
Good old common cents; Barron Canyon: from the bottom to the top; The life and times of a mailbox; Clotheslines; A view from the top; Bells are ringing; Cantelon Country; Uncovering a wartime love story; Roaming the Bruce Peninsula; The forgotten pioneer: The tragic story of Roger Stevens, Lighting up...a real downer; Woodland caribou: a species on the brink of extinction; Carefree crockery cooking; Chives for good health and great eating
Pirate of the St. Lawrence; Glenville—a town on the edge of memory; Lemieux—a town that disappeared; The terrific Tillsons; Rail trail worth the trek; Arts 2007 including the Studio Tours of Ontario and western Quebec; Wild Women—wilderness painters on location; Small town theatre—summer theatre in restored buildings; The river bend; Like a starry night; Mother Nature's revenge; The fruits of our labour—reflections on gratitude; Diary of a father-and-son wilderness trek; Eat that Jack O'lantern too
A country house; Who has seen the wind?; Wilberforce Outpost Hospital; The battle for daylight saving; Longer days; The Keefer Mansion lives again; Memories of sweet times; The creek; Grappling with gravel; Bradford Convent; Trilliums in the forest
NO.52, SUMMER 2006
Towers of Time: The Thomas Fuller legacy; The life and times of Burning Sky; Aurora Borealis: Mysterious lights in the sky; Through the mill (Tyrone Mill); Sir Sandford Fleming: His spirit carries on; What is art?; A picture worth a thousand words; Arts 2006; Theatre in the rough (4th Line Theatre); Cooking with the three sisters; Country traditions; Canoeing the lesser travelled Algonquin; Cornucopia all year 'round
NO.51, SPRING 2006
Wildlife and Mrs. Simcoe's Diary; Sentinels of the season; Finding paradise; We were here; Cormorant update; 'Prior knowledge; Who was Andre Lapine?; Heritage matters--the Hawk Lake Log Chute; Down on the farm with Stephen Leacock; Behind closed doors—Stories from the Oxford County House of Refuge; Ontario's first gold rush; Broad-winged hawk; Hardy leeks
NO.50, SUMMER 2005
The natural world through the eyes of artist David Kay; Home-grown history; Indentured servants; Tall tales and nostalgia: An Ottawa Valley way of life; Merrickville: The jewel of the Rideau; Pakenham General Store: A big antique; Picnic menu for a day in the country; Arts 2005; Eco-artist Vanessa Pandos; Form and function in metal; The influence of an artist; Life's like that; The Voyageur trail; Buzz, bite, slap: The war is on; Bobolink; Super summer thirst quenchers
NO.49, SPRING 2005
A natural woods in spring; Wye Marsh wildflower friends dig gardening; Yellow-bellied sapsucker; Riding the painted ponies; Wildlife rehab crisis spreading province-wide; Beyond a legend; Hanging out; Haliburton County: Gateway to oblivion; When you walk; Cottage life; Out on a limb; Eric Lindgren and the Muskoka Seven Group of Artists; Planting trees and shrubs for wildlife; Swords General Store; The healthful hobby of herb gardening
NO.48, WINTER 2005
A new vision for Ontario's Parks; Great minds; Jack Reid paints the watery outdoors; Uninvited guests, Beaver tales; Boreal chickadee; Groundhog day?; A tale of two ships: Ill-fated Lake Simcoe steamers; A town by any other name; Were they really the good old days?; Midnight; Keeping Lake Clear clear; Grave Matters; Shakespeare's birds; Old-fashioned grain soups
NO.47, AUTUMN 2004
Peterborough Lift Locks: An engineering marvel; Working of a lift lock; Creating time; Keys of a classic; Highway of Shame, Highway of Hope; Recollections of a Home Child; So much like home: The Finnish village at Scott's Dam; Handshakes; A life on the line; Waldie Blacksmith Shop keeps the fire burning; The Old Hastings Colonization Road; Marlene Madole paints for posterity; Ontario's Heritage: One man's journey of discovery; Algonquin Park: Ontario's wilderness legacy; Palatines of the Ottawa Valley; Niagara Falls: A treacherous playground; Timothy Eaton; The wedding gown; Ripples of 1780; Cormorant: A fish eating scapegoat?; The tambour frame; Homemade pickles and relishes

NO.46, SUMMER 2004
Wild lupines and the Karner blue butterfly; Giant's Tomb; Summer wildflowers: Yours to discover; Backyard photo gallery: Paradise Found; Biking the Bonnechere River watershed; Black tern: Jet black on nature's green; Passing through on a wing and a prayer; Divine Spa secrets of the VA-VA Sisterhood; Mint: Friend or foe?; Arts 2004; Studio tours of Ontario and western Quebec; Directory of artists and artisans; Burls and blossoms; Painter Keith Cornell exposes Madawaska; Old Mama Turtle comes home; Ethel Curry: Haliburton's secret gift; Temagami blueberries: Wild but "slow"; A toast to Niagara's wine country; Japanese rice rolls...a dish as pretty as summer; In our own backyard

NO.45, SPRING 2004
Can our children save the world?; Trouble in Shelter Valley; A man for all wolves; The nature interpreter; Former trapper turned wildlife advocate; Green gardeners go wild for organic seeds; Grow your own medicine cabinet; Western Manitoulin: Windswept home of rare alvars; Owning an eco-lodge is a wild lifestyle; Stranger in a strange land: Paddling Ontario swamps; There's more to toads than warts; Canada warbler comes home for summer holidays; Two for the road; Northern Serenity—A love affair to remember; Crayfish; Shirley's Bay comes full circle; Wilberforce general store is nostalgic trip in time; The Ida Burton: Pride of Lake Simcoe; In our own backyard; Ride the road lightly with eco-gear
NO.44, WINTER 2004
Invasion of the ATVs; To Be or Not to Be a Hamlet; To Be Wild and Not So Free; Squirrels, Chickadees & Snow Angels; Money, Jobs and Power at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Waste Not, Want Not; Return of the Trumpeters; Springtime Harvest; Gardening for Life; Foymount; The Canadian Corps of Voyageurs; Tekahionwake: The Two Rivers of Pauline Johnson; Pinecones; Seeds; Kahgahgee: The Vanishing Wilderness; Super Sippers; In Our Own Backyard
NO.43, SUMMER 2003
Old Souls, Rockingham, Rosseau General Store, Dorset: The Little Village with a Big Heart for History, Disappearing History: Our Old Barns and Buildings, Hidden Landscapes: The Art of William Caldwell, Doug Andrews: Nature Artist/Gardener/Carpenter, Painting the Bones of the Earth: the Art of Laura Carter, Interpreting Landscapes, The Path of Running Deer, In a Little Shack Up the Pontiac... Flapjack is Cookin', Here be Dragons, In Our Own Backyard, Arts 2003, Studio Tours, Directory of Artists and Artisans
NO.42, SPRING 2003
Brother Bear, Bear Management:Going to the Dogs, Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Written-off by Province, A Secret Place, Tulipmania—Ottawa's Seductive Exhibition of Colour, Fort Willow, The Trans-Canada Trail, Happy Trails to You, Rails to Trails: A Return to Tranquility, Going Back to the Ganaraska, Always and Forever, Uncovering Ontario, More than a Walk in the Park, Forlorn but not Forgotten—The Kilns of Limehouse, An Exploration of the Inner French, Middleville, Reflections, Teaching Leave No Trace Ethics to Young People, Beans to Go, A Feast for Kings, In Our Own Backyard
NO.41, WINTER 2003
Walking Softly: Beaks and Grosbeaks, Food for Thought, Elizabeth Barnes: The Witch of Plum Hollow, Herron's Mills, Sir William Mackenzie Inn, Lakeside Lament: Ode to a Lake, Wind-Generated Energy, Sugar Daddies, Finding Home, Oh Canada, Experiences in Sustainable Living, Respecting Nature with Low-Impact Lumber, Trees, Survival of the Fittest, War Against Life: Humanity's Descent into Violence, Dining on Lentils is Today's Trend, The Crafty World of Creative Expression, Ice-Out at the Cottage, In Our Own Backyard
Elements of a Wilderness Artist; What REALLY Happened to Tom Thomson?; Future of Famous Artist Formed in Algonquin Park; Our Disappearing Landscapes; Inuksuit: Silent Messengers of the Madawaska Valley; Artfully Yours, Haliburton Highlands; Midland: Outdoor Walls Showcase an Historic Past; Potters' Paradise; Of Bugs, Birds and Bulrushes; Walking Softly: Birds as Art; Loon Landscapes; Haliburton School of the Arts; Homer Watson; Forest Faces; A Portrait of Summer; Country Literature; A Passion for Pelee; A True Art Lover; In Our Own Backyard; Arts 2002
NO.39, SPRING 2002
Softly Walking: Watching Butterflies, Will the Real Ecotourism Please Stand Out!, Ecotourism Gets a Boost in Northern Ontario, Leaving Only Footprints, Consolation Prize, Leave No Trace, In Our Own Backyard, Sky Watching to Predict the Weather, Captain Bear, Living the Voyageur Life, Risen from the Ashes, Bed & Breakfasts with Style, A Rural Historian, A Herbalist Paradise Outside the Backdoor, Chasing the White Slash, St. Raphaels Ruins, Canada's Prettiest Town, Ecotourism as a Career, Grandma's Morning Crunch
NO.38, WINTER 2002
The Well-Groomed Trail, Protect Your Land in Perpetuity, Is This Recyclable?, The 4 Rs, Amphibians: Canaries of the Environment, Devastation, Country Trivia, Maple Syrup Delights, Cooking with Maple Syrup, Quality Assurance, Maple Syrup Directory, Personal Reflections of an Ecological Tragedy, Thick Hearty Soups, Medicare in Algonquin Park, The Valentine's Day Tree, First Frost, Collingwood Ski Out, Ontario's Threatened Caribou, Off-Season Camping in Ontario, Mud Pup Night in Oxford Mills
Is Ontario Ready for Green Travel?, Sparrows and More Sparrows, No-pim-ing, A Road Trip with a Twist, A Jim-dandy Secret, The Great Blue Heron–a Survivor, Nature: Up Close and Personal, A Glimpse of the Past by Bicycle, Nature Photography, Summer’s Winged Creatures, A Canoe Connection, A Day in the Life of a Small Town Museum, The Long Way to Barry’s Bay, Ol’ Buttermilk Falls, Out on a Limb: At Home in a Summer Tree Swing, Wild Raspberries–Summertime’s Finest Treat, For Your Septic’s Sake, Community Shared Agriculture: Not Just Cheap Food, The Chair, Rock Faces Ancient Pine and Peaceful Hillsides, Windy Valley, Madawaska Landscapes, Making Violins in Muskoka the White Way, 2001 Summer and Autumn Studio Tours, Directory of Artists and Artisans
NO.36, WINTER 2001
Selling Muskoka by the Gallon, Biomimicry, Creating a Greener Bottom Line, Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, Sweet Water Season, One Long and Three Short, Marvelous Morels, Ragged Falls: Thunder in the North Woods, Under-mining Enviromental Protection in Ontario?, Cats of Eastern Ontario, Wood Stove Stories, Happy New Year!, The Culvert Caper
Burnstown, McNab Leaves His Mark at White Lake, Canopy Connections, A Case for Eliminating All Extractive Activities from Ontario’s Parks, Cats and Wildlife, Some Adventures with Turtles, My Mother’s Hands, Arts Ontario 2000, Roadside Pumpkins, Apple Dapples, Close Encounters, Chandos Lakeside Chapel
Songbirds and Habitat Loss, Changing Faces of Our Landscape, A Child's Christmas at Canoe Lake, The Little Immigrant, Name Your Price, The Sweet Truth About Maple Syrup, Don't Forget the Berry Pails, A Quest for Sasquatch, How to Use Wild Animals, A Look at Lichens, You're So Brave, What's in a Name, The Window Pain
Algonquin Obsession, Fire on the Shore, A Lake Opeongo Mystery, General Stores of the Madawaska Valley, Highland Epiphany, The Conroy Marsh (cont'd), The Blairhampton Triangle, For the Birds, Studio Tours '99, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, You Can't Live Without Them, Blueberries...Summer's Finest Treat, Telling the Bees
The Madawaska's Conroy Marsh, Ontario's Black History, The Flying Superintendent's Fairchild, The Silent Flyers, Birds We Don't Notice, The Fox and Owl, Forestry Cop, The Bird Tamer, Talkin' About My Guys, Marty
Buried Treasure in the Madawaska, The Muskoka: Hard Working River, Outpost Apsley 1927, The Problem with Wolves, Wildlife Viewing: A Brighter Future, The Bear Essentials, Canoeing the Rideau Canal, Earth Mother Fever, Studio Tours '98, Wilno Artists' Colony, Directory of Artists and Artisans
Wildlife Around the Home, Algonquin Wolves: Wild Reality or Diminished Myth?, It's Late in the Century!: Do You Know Where Your Public Land is Going?, Pat's Lofty Perch, Capturing the Valley with a Paintbrush: featuring Don Konrad, Muskoka Memories, Radiant Heat, Peter Graham: Recollections of a Home Child, Winter Visitors to our Bird Table, The Volunteer, The Evaporator, The Last Flamingo, Book Review: Don't Have a Cow!
Forests for the Future, The Dwyer Mine Rock Shop, Butterflies Welcome, May I Have This Dance?, 126 Years of Locking Through at Port Carling, Remembering Algonquin, Ecotouring in the Year 1613, Metropolis in Algonquin Park, Studio Tours '97, A Girl of the Limberlost, Camping: With Caution, The Cross in the Rock, Lalamanaki, Book Review: Cooking Vegetarian
Who is Buried in Tom Thompson's Grave?, A Wing and a Prayer, Loggin' in the Olden Days, The Portage Railway, Barney McDermott: He Always Got His Man, Gaslight Shadows, Affair of the Hearth, An Outdoor Furnace in My Backyard?, Techno Country, Mystery of the Daffodils, A Trip to the Pond
A Madawaska Valley Tour, Nature on the Run, Early Days on the Madawaska, Life in a Country Home, One Cottage For Sale: Memories Not Included, Ghost Towns of Eastern Ontario, Bear With Us, Fire Tower on Dorset Mountain, How Not to Keep Bees, Wild Rose, Spring Fever by Gordon Thurston, Studio Tours
A Heritage Church in Peril, Bold Schemes—Shattered Dreams: The Gilmour Drive, Big Red, Ottawa Rivermen to the Rescue, We're from the Valley, The Victoria Railway, Special Section with maps: Snowmobile Tours
A Settlers' Trail, Wetland's Enemy, Old Log Barns, A Central Ontario Tour, "Film Star" Rescued From Algonquin Park, The Great Vennachar Fire, Studio Tours, Hastings Heritage Trail, Pembroke: The City in the Country, Heritage Murals
NO.24, WINTER 1994/95
Rails to Trails Snowmobile Tour, Ghost of the Kick & Push, Muskoka Traditions, Rock Cuts: Slices of Time, Winter Trails, Michal Manson: Rock Cut Paintings, Lodge to Lodge Skiing in Haliburton
NO.23, AUTUMN 1994
This Incredible Splendour, Wild Grapes into Jelly, Into the Valley of Death, Map: Studio Tours, Fusion Arts: Pottery and Glass, Rediscovering the Bobcaygeon Road, Over the Hills to Arnprior
NO.22, SUMMER 1994
Kaszuby, Bannock, Strawberry Fields, Farm Childhoods, This Heirloom's a Gas, Paul Ives—Wood Sculptor, Waterways: Mazinaw Magic, Beautiful Bogs, Shoreline Naturalization, Burt, If it Floats
NO.21, SPRING 1994
Zone Four Gardening Supplement, Priming Your Pump, Jan Zurakowski, From Aunt Sarah's Lookout to the Lady with the Lamp, Which Way the Wind?, A Good Day for Pacing, `A Quiet Evening'
NO.20, WINTER 1993/94
Sleddin' Back in Time, Exploration and Survey of the Ottawa & Opeongo Rd., Calabogie and She Shook Her Wooden Leg—Renfrew County Place Names, `Wedding Bells' by Gordon Thurston, The Country Gallery featuring Earl Smith, Haliburton Dreaming, Bread Making for Beginners
NO.19, AUTUMN 1993
Up the Addington Colonization Road, Billy, The Fall Studio Tour: An Intimate Glimpse of the Artist's World, All Roads Led Back to Gilmour, Holding the High Ground at Wilno, The Country Artisan featuring Rickie Woods, Keep Your Sweet Home a Safe One
NO.18, SUMMER 1993
A Loose Fish: Senator Billa Flint, Horse Pull to Hell Drivers, Country Outing—A Visit to Arden in Mazinaw Country, Predicting the Weather, Ontario Wild Rice, Mineral Collecting in the Bancroft Area, Rich in Tradition, Mother Succumbs to Fashion, Algonquin Park—Rich in Tradition, Tripping the Park in the Old Days, Break A Leg—A Look at Summer Evenings at the Theatre, The Cutting Edge Gardener, Farming in the Green Valley
NO.17, SPRING 1993
Algonquin Park: Here and Now, A Year of Celebration, Literary Pioneers, 'The Fly Fisherman', A Little Postal History, Why was Whitney an Air Force Base in 1922?, The Country Gallery featuring Gertrude Sorensen, So You Want to Move to the Country, A Crafts Tour
NO.16, WINTER 1992/93
Wilberforce Red Cross Outpost Hospital, Measuring Up, Park Pranks, The Battle of Pakenham, Progress on the Farm, Women in the Wilderness, Maple Magic, The Country Gallery featuring Cynthia McMillan, The Christmas Tree
NO.15, AUTUMN 1992
Ruts and Mudholes—The Peterson Colonization Road, Travel in Algonquin Park, Names of North Hastings, Where Were the Women?, The Country Gallery featuring Deborah Bates, The Haliburton County Studio Tour, Bedtime Stories—A Practical Guide to Putting Your Garden to Bed, It's Canning Time
NO.14, SUMMER 1992
Blasted Dreams & Broken Hearts, Algonquin R & R, 'Ebony, the Clergyman's Cat' by Gordon Thurston, Holistic Building, The Country Artisan featuring Catherine Gansterer, Bug Defense, Riding the Whitewater, Maplewood Wayside Chapel, Hiking
NO.13, SPRING 1992
A Railway into the Wilderness, Algonquin Breakup, Herbs as Garden Helpers, Remedies of Yesterday, Owls, 'I Take the Wheel' by J. Edwards, The Country Photographer featuring Brian Rundle, Holistic Building
NO.12, WINTER 1991/92
Snowmobiling—Beginning to Boom, The Moose, Fishing the Hard Water, `It's a Boy' by G. Thurston, 'A Battle of Wits' by J. Edwards, Country Artisan featuring Barry Lambeck, Tobogganing, Skiing Anyone, The Wolf
NO.11, AUTUMN 1991
Up the Blaze—the Opeongo Colonization Road, The Country Gallery featuring Jerome Coulas, Fall Tour of Baptiste Lake, Winter Retrofits, Algonquin Park Memories—Part 2, From Farm to Table—Ontario Style, Plumbing Woes, 'Hopewell County' by Gordon Thurston
NO.10, SUMMER 1991
Choosing a Contractor, The Mill at Old Killaloe, 'Hello Fatso' by G. Thurston, Algonquin Park Memories, The Country Gallery featuring David Kay, Summer Sun Sense, Summer Stock, The Annual Bath Tub Race, The Physician Treats...Nature Heals, The Country Artisan featuring Jamie Turnbull
NO.9, SPRING 1991
Why R2000?, Country Wines, Good Vegetable Gardening, `Fred, A Fish Story' by J. Keith, Collecting Crowns, It's for the Birds, The Country Gallery featuring Tom Spatafore, `The Contest' by Joan Edwards
NO.8, WINTER 1990/91
Microwave Your Waste, What's in a Name, 'Up at Spirit Lake' by John Keith, `That is Fishing' by Gordon Thurston, The Country Gallery featuring Michael Dombroskie
NO.7, AUTUMN 1990
Firewood, The Auction Arena, The Rural Apothecary, The Country Gallery featuring Lillian Oakley, `Water, Water Everywhere' by G. Thurston, It Was Twenty Years Ago, Flaming Leaf Tour—Beauty and Taste, Rockhound Precautions
NO.6, SUMMER 1990
Main Street Canada, Holistic Building, `The Great Sumach Fishing Derby' and `The Great Potato Series' by G. Thurston, The Rural Apothecary, The Hum of Industry, Successful Mineral Collecting, Waterfalls for the Spirit, Summer Camp—The Experience of a Lifetime, Madonna House Pioneer Museum, The Country Gallery featuring Joyce Burkholder
NO.5, SPRING 1990
The Rural Apothecary, Unusual Mineral Collecting, `Our New Arena' by Gordon Thurston, The Country Gallery featuring Robert Perkins, Maple Syrup—A Neat Sweet Treat, Rare Orchids in the Bancroft Region
NO.4, WINTER 1989/90
The Christmas Tree, 'Our Dump' by Gordon Thurston, The Country Gallery featuring Laurence Johnson, The Madawaska Side of Winter, The Rockhound, Cross-Country Skiing, Tis the Season, There's More to Leaves Than Just Photosynthesis
NO.3, AUTUMN 1989
Why do Leaves Change Colour?, On the Orchid Trail, The Ideal Rockhounds, The Country Gallery featuring Nancy Brookes-Plumley, The Pace Slows, Yep I Got My Wood In!
NO.2, SUMMER 1989
The Charm of the Madawaska Valley, On the Orchid Trail, What's Bugging the Trees, Rockhound Tips, The Country Gallery featuring Mike Johnson, Our Provincial Parks—Natural and Unspoiled, Arts Festival and Sale at the Madawaska Ski Hill
NO.1, SPRING 1989
The Backwoods Gourmet, Stalking the Wild Orchid, The Country Gallery featuring Serena Rykert, The Madawaska Valley—A Sense of Place, Tips on Tree Care, Bancroft—A Special Place, The Thills of Whitewater Racing

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