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Don't have a cow! Don't have a cow!
How to thrive in a post-cow world, A Guide with Recipes
by Janeson Rayne

Anyone who enjoys food and wants to feel great will love this book. In simple, direct language, the authour presents a wealth of easy-to-digest health tips and over 70 fabulous meat-free, sugar-free, egg-free, and dairy-free recipes guaranteed to soothe your nerves and energize your life.
ISBN 1-896182-63-1. Size: 6 x 9 paperback, 143 pages spiral bound. GSPH.

The Post Petroleum Survival Guide

The Post Petrolem SURVIVAL GUIDE and cookbook
Recipes for a Changing Time
by Albert Bates.

A hopeful and humorous look at the next 30 years—to the world beyond petroleum.

A world beyond petroleum needn’'t be a scary proposition—it can be something to relish. As we move from a global culture addicted to cheap, abundant petroleum to a culture of compelled conservation, the Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook provides useful, practical advice for preparing your family and community to make the transition.

Taking a positive, upbeat, and optimistic view of “the Great Change,” this book offers recipes for these turbulent times that mend the many rifts that oil culture has spawned. Wide-ranging in scope, topics covered include:

  • Rebuilding civilization
  • Changing your needs
  • Water and waste disposal
  • Energy and transportation
  • Equipment and tools
  • Food storage and first aid

Also featuring playful recipes—some using basic, wholesome foods, some illustrating food growing or preservation, and all emphasizing organic, flavourful and locally grown produce that readily substitute one for another—this book is about having your catastrophe and eating it too.

ISBN 0-86571-568-8. Size: 7 1/2 x 9, 236 pages paperback. New Society.

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